Vicky Brown
Senior UX Consultant; Nomensa


Vicky Brown is a research-driven designer who’s passionate about problem solving, psychology and service design.

She is experienced at researching, designing and delivering solutions to complex challenges for clients such as National Trust, Gatwick Airport, the Eden Project, Unite Students and Innovate UK. 

Vicky is a Senior UX Consultant at Nomensa and currently the UX design lead for a multi-disciplinary agile government project.


Talk Details

Practicing UX in an agile environment

Compared to traditional waterfall methods of delivery with fixed scope and time-frames, agile projects put increasing pressure on UX practitioners to adapt their ways of working to these new environments.

This talk will take a look at the challenges and opportunities of integrating UX within a development-led agile team, sharing experiences of building a government grants funding platform as a case study.

It will include practical tips on how to ensure your user-centred vision stays on track when you’re sitting next to your stakeholders, holding your own in a team of 20 developers, and the dangers of being too close to your product.