Nat Al-Tahhan
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Nat never quite knows how to introduce herself, so take your pick from: freelance designer, games developer, event illustrator, personal trainer & bodybuilder, and Executive Editor at TEDxBristol - she’ll happily talk your face off about any of them.

Nat has worked with brilliant people in very different fields – from the vibrant Disney and Aardman, to the boffins at Wellcome Trust and the Academy of Medical Sciences, to the complex folks at TED, UNESCO, and London School of Economics.


Talk Details

‘Fun’ Isn’t A Dirty Word - Why you should incorporate design methods for children into your boring apps

Having worked across a wide range of industries - creating products for both newer and older, crustier humans - it’s apparent that a lot of design aimed at adults has in its DNA the assumption that it’s not allowed to be fun.

I will attempt to fill the chasm between design for adults and children with ribbons and stickers, examine the differences in process and testing, and I’ll probably (definitely) talk about farts for a bit.