Matt Zarandi
Head of Design & UX; AOL


Matt Zarandi leads Design and UX for AOL and its owned and operated brands, which include The Huffington Post, Engadget and TechCrunch. He works with multiple local and international teams and is responsible for product design, user experience, strategy, brand development and idea generation in order to grow audiences and revenue. 


Talk Details

To code or not to code

As product design becomes more complex, designers are required to continually add new skills and buzzwords to their CV. There has been a great debate in recent years about designers getting their hands dirty with code and the jury is still out on a verdict as to where we draw the line. Do we draw a line? Should designers simply have an understanding? Is it a requirement? Should designers deploy live code?

With a focus on the media industry, in this talk I’ll share my thoughts on these questions plus the benefits and pitfalls seen through experiences in my work.