Graham Beale
Head of User Experience; Yell


Graham is Head of User Experience at Yell where he assists in defining the future vision whilst supporting multiple agile development teams. He has over 16 years experience of working within well-known organisations such as BBC, Yahoo!, Symantec, The Daily Telegraph and Vodafone.  

Talk Details

Bring in the experts!

What is a user experience expert? What activities should we embark on? How should we operate and how do we prove our worth?

Over the last four decades, there has been a phenomenal growth in demand for user experience design and although modern organisations appreciate how user experience can be a crucial differentiator, the reality of making this happen can be anything but clear. 

With extensive experience of working in-house, Graham Beale explores the perception of user experience ‘expertise’: How it has evolved over time and how the future could change the way we view our own skills.