Chris Chandler
Design Practice Lead; Philosophie


Launching successful software projects requires clear business goals, a proven technology delivery methodology, and a commitment to design excellence in the service of your customers. I've been obsessed with balancing these forces for most of my career and I think I'm beginning to understand how to put it all together.

I've spent the last decade creating world class innovative solutions for Disney and Fandango and I've recently joined Philosophie to help create amazing products for our clients using leading edge methods for timeless design.

Talk Details

Collaboration by Design

When you only have four weeks to ship a product for a client, your team has to run like a well-oiled machine. That's why one of our core principles at Philosophie is "same team" — every member of the group, including clients, must be considered full members of the team. We value collaboration so highly that we've designed our product development process, our rituals, and our physical space, to support an extreme level of collaboration.

But the road to collaboration is not always filled with care bears and rainbows. Collaboration comes naturally to us humans, but most of us have unlearned these habits.

In this talk I will share strategies for increasing collaboration with all of your stakeholders, whether you're currently wearing the multiple hats of the startup life, or steadily working the swim lanes of the an established enterprise. Sadly, collaboration is not a panacea, so I will also share stories of collaboration gone very wrong.