Annette Priest
UX Research, Strategy & Design Consultant; Revel Insight


Annette Priest is an independent researcher, designer and strategist. She has conducted UX research around the world to understand and improve people’s experiences and interactions with top companies including GE, HP, IBM, and more.

Her consulting practice, Revel Insight, helps managers bring UX into their organizations to reduce efforts, increase profits and delight more customers. Annette focuses on actionable customer research, UX, usability and iterative design across devices and industries, including mobile, touchscreen, health, travel, media, finance, and government. Her work has been featured in National Geographic Traveler, Info World and South By Southwest.

Annette speaks at conferences internationally on topics including anthropology, design, e-marketing, e-commerce, global design teams, mobile and UX.

Connect with her via Twitter @AnnettePriest.

Talk Details

Awkward! Get Comfortable Getting Uncomfortable 

Design led companies perform better and the best design is informed by insight from research. That research isn't always easy.

Some subjects just make people squirm. Some things are just difficult to talk about. They're deeply personal. They're emotionally charged. These are taboo topics but they often touch many other things that we're working on.

To get to the good stuff in your research and design, you've got to get real. That means exploring topics that touch all of us as humans. If you want to get the insights your company, project and team needs to create something great, you'd better get comfortable being uncomfortable. With examples from sex, death and money, we'll explore how touchy topics can come up in research, even in seemingly unrelated areas.

You'll learn:

  • How being prepared and open to tough topics can yield better research results
  • What a sexshop can teach you about UX
  • Techniques to get more from your research participants
  • How to discuss taboo topics with your product and design teams